Tidal Island (Original, Signed and Framed)

  • £625.00

Painting Size: 30cm x 42cm 

Mixed Media: Windsor and Newton Artists Watercolours | Windsor and Newton Designers Gouache 

I love water.  Sea, Lochs, Lakes, Rivers, Brooks - Waterfalls.  This painting came to me when I was thinking about a place I used to go on holiday as a kid.  Called Plockton. On the west coast of Scotland, just inland from the Isle of Skye.  I loved it there, not least because as a teenager I met a couple of girls (on separate visits), good adolescent discovery and naughtiness.  That brilliance aside, I remember this island that sat in front of the main street, opposite the main hotel.  From the beer garden there you could see it, covered in trees, mainly spruce.

When the tide was out you could get across to it, but with the tide back in you were in trouble if you stayed out there, as I found out one time (yes, with one of those girls). 

Anyway, when the tide was in between, neither in or out - there was this lovely reflection that came from it, particularly if there was a sunset.  This painting is a reflection of those times and that island. 

The cost includes exceptional quality framing, dry mounted (meaning the painting remains completely flat forever), art glass (thick UV reflective glass ensuring the painting doesn't fade), mounted and framed with the best materials.  Close from Natural Oak, Limed Oak, Dark Stained Oak or White Washed Wood (my favourite!). 

Of course, if you'd prefer to frame the painting yourself then the cost is reduced. 

Please email, call or text me: mattwatercolours@gmail.com | +44 7983770665 to discuss the painting and options. 

An affordable art print of this painting is also available on thick watercolour paper > here with international delivery.