The Poplars (Original, Signed and Framed)

  • £475.00

Painting size: 40cm x 30cm

Medium: Windsor and Newton and Old Holland Watercolours 

I'm a fan of poplar trees, the way they often stand in lines (where they planted that way or did that just happen I wonder).  I remember lines of them near the river I used to walk along as a child, across on the opposite bank in the distance.  I remember them lining the edge of a playing field at my high school, I'd watch them move out the window during class. I haven't copied this from anything in particular, it's quite an abstract piece with splashes of paint in a thicker consistency.  I painted at the beginning of autumn and wanted to evoke a sense of that, perhaps a little rain.  I hope the viewer enjoys the expression nature of the painting. The colours are very striking, and deep, laid on thick for watercolours but the effect as always is to convey a symbolic representation. 

The cost includes exceptional quality framing, dry mounted (meaning the painting remains completely flat forever), art glass (thick UV reflective glass ensuring the painting doesn't fade), mounted and framed with the best materials.  Close from Natural Oak, Limed Oak, Dark Stained Oak or White Washed Wood (my favourite!). 

Of course if you'd prefer to frame the painting yourself then the cost is reduced. 

Please email, call or text me: | +44 7983770665 to discuss the painting and options. 

A print of this painting on thick watercolour paper is also available > here