The Old Villa (Original, Signed and Framed)

  • £445.00

Painting size: 40cm x 30cm

I must be honest and say that a Paul Klee painting heavily influenced this work, but I assure you I painted it!  I could never replicate such an artist, nor any other for that matter, but I can still see my style here, albeit more illustrative.

There's something about a courtyard that sets expectation for me.  I imagine a table could be placed out there, perhaps a family eating together.  Like all my work I hope the vibrancy of colour is attractive to the viewer. 

The cost includes exceptional quality framing, dry mounted (meaning the painting remains completely flat forever), art glass (thick UV reflective glass ensuring the painting doesn't fade), mounted and framed with the best materials.  Close from Natural Oak, Limed Oak, Dark Stained Oak or White Washed Wood (my favourite!). 

Of course if you'd prefer to frame the painting yourself then the cost is reduced. 

Please email, call or text me: | +44 7983770665 to discuss the painting and options. 

A print on thick watercolour paper is also available here